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25 January 2024
Cailabs and Precitec strengthen their partnership and shape e-mobility with advanced laser technology
1 February 2024

See Fast Technologies joins the Photon Lines group

On 1 January 2024, See Fast Technologies officially became part of the Photon Lines group. The See Fast Technologies name disappears, but not its know-how and skills. Research and development activities have been carefully transferred to Photon Lines, consolidating the company’s expertise and broadening its scope for innovation.

Engineers from See Fast Technologies have already joined the Photon Lines R&D team, bringing a fresh breath of innovative ideas. Photon Lines’ engineers, who initially specialised in machine vision, spectroscopy, spectral and high-speed imaging, as well as optical design and various image processing techniques (including AI), have seen their range of skills broadened.

Towards new horizons: software development and advanced image processing

With this acquisition, Photon Lines is positioning itself as a pioneer in the development of proprietary multi-acquisition imaging and peripheral hardware control software, combined with real-time image processing compatible with large volumes of data. To this must be added the complex configuration of multi-support workstations for the creation of complete and varied imaging benches.

According to Eric Dréan, CEO of Photon Lines: “The company is simplifying its organisation, concentrating all its skills and opening up immense prospects in the design of customised imaging benches”.

This merger marks an important moment in the history of Photon Lines, consolidating its position as a key player in the field of imaging in France.