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26 January 2024
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Cailabs and Precitec strengthen their partnership and shape e-mobility with advanced laser technology

Cailabs, a pioneer in laser beam shaping, and Precitec, a leading provider of 3D metrology and laser technology solutions, are delighted to strengthen their partnership by offering bespoke solutions for the e-mobility market. Since its establishment in 2018 in the context of the Horizon 2020 CUSTODIAN project, the collaboration between Cailabs and Precitec has established itself as a real driver of innovation and excellence. By combining their expertise, these two companies have succeeded in pushing back the boundaries of industrial laser processes.

The centrepiece of this collaboration is the integration of Cailabs’ advanced beam shaping modules into Precitec’s state-of-the-art laser welding heads. Designed specifically to meet the evolving requirements of the e-mobility market, this integration is distinguished by its ability to deliver an unprecedented level of precision and efficiency in laser welding.

In recent months, Cailabs’ beam shaping technology has successfully met the specific challenges of laser welding in the e-mobility sector, particularly when working with reflective and highly thermally conductive materials such as copper and aluminium. This has improved the interaction of the laser with these materials, ensuring more efficient energy absorption and better welding quality. Integration with Precitec’s advanced laser welding heads goes beyond simply solving the usual welding constraints, it also opens up new possibilities for advanced manufacturing techniques in the rapidly expanding e-mobility sector.

This partnership is expected to have a significant impact on the e-mobility market. “The collaboration between Cailabs and Precitec demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation in laser technology,” says Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs, “and this new product is just the beginning.” Klaus Löffler, Managing Director of Precitec added: “The integration of Cailabs’ beam shaping expertise into our welding systems opens up new possibilities for e-mobility manufacturers worldwide in terms of precision and efficiency in laser welding.”