About Photonics Park

Photonics Bretagne has initiated the creation of a Photonics Park in Lannion. This Photonics Park, located in a unique environment (Industry, Research centers, Schools) dedicated to Photonics, aims at fostering technology transfer to local companies, start-ups creation and more generally growth of the photonics business, already quite high (>15%/year), in the region. Photonics, also known as the electronics of the 21st century, finds applications in a vast array of business sectors ranging from telecom, agro-food, defense, industrial manufacturing, to smart lighting, self-driving car, submarine sensors.

Photonics Park

Perfos our technology platform will through this project undergo a significant growth and reach a critical size that will enable Photonics Bretagne to strengthen and broaden its technical offerings in most of the Photonics areas, both for regional players and international customers. The project funds new facilities, integrating a new drawing tower and related equipment with a commissioning in the first quarter of 2017, that will enable the next generations of optical fibers, their integration in newly developed fiber-based components (lasers, sensors…), and also more complex systems made possible by these new developments.

This new Photonics Park is a major project for Lannion and more broadly for the Brittany region traditionally anchored in the Photonics industry with numerous worldwide leaders in the field (Keopsys, Ixblue, Yenista, Quantel, Oxxius, Idil, Ekinops…), a large offer of photonics degrees from dedicated BSc to doctorate and also well known CNRS research centers nearby. This project while primarily dedicated to the Photonics industry companies will also aim to reach the numerous end-users that are present in the region and beyond. It will also allow the launch of start-ups as well as foreign investment looking to benefit from the vicinity of these first-class facilities.

Similarly to Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) such as Fraunhofer institutes, Photonics Bretagne is funded by commercial activities, collaborative projects and public funding.

This particular project is funded by ERDF funds, the French state, the Brittany regional council, the Cotes d’Armor department and Lannion-Trégor Communauté.

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