About Photonics Bretagne

Photonics Bretagne is a Photonics Innovation Hub which represents photonics in Brittany (France) and gathers a cluster and a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO).


The Photonics Bretagne association comes from the PERFOS association (Platform for Studies and Research on Special Optical Fibers). This was founded in 2003 in Lannion in order to perpetuate the special optical fiber manufacturing technologies previously developed within France Telecom and then Highwave Optical Technologies. The objective is also to pool technological tools for the local ecosystem.

The association was qualified as a Regional Technological Innovation Center in 2007, then obtained the “cluster” label in 2011 following a call for projects launched by DATAR (Interministerial Delegation for Regional Planning and Regional Attractiveness). The association then modified its statutes and became Photonics Bretagne, Photonics Innovation Hub which gathers a technological platform and a cluster.

In 2017, Photonics Bretagne inaugurates a world leading Photonics Park in Lannion (France) with a fibre-drawing tower 13 meters high and new latest-generation equipments. It allows it to increase its skills and become a national, European and international center of excellence in photonics.

Recently, the association has diversified its activities in biophotonics and technical training. This complements existing skills in order to best meet the innovation needs of the application fields and the strong demand for recruiting new talents.


Photonics Bretagne represents photonics in Brittany (France) and gathers companies, research centres, schools, and support agencies. Its objective is to support innovation, promote and develop photonics in Brittany. Its missions are divided in 2 activities:

A cluster in charge of leading the photonics sector and supporting Breton companies in the integration and use of photonics technologies: technology intelligence, technological advice, connecting, networking, collaborative projects (regional, national or European), organization of technological or business events/meetings, technical training, etc. The cluster takes action to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics in Brittany.

A Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) which develop and commercialize it under the brand PERFOS® specialty optical fibres and components. The RTO also has very strong expertise in biophotonics/agrophotonics (photonics applied to the field of agriculture, agrifood, environment and health). The platform thus develops new know-how, processes and photonics products in order to ensuring their valorization through technology transfers to the industrial environment.