About Photonics Bretagne

Photonics Bretagne is a not-for-profit organisation and a Photonics Innovation Hub. It represents photonics in Brittany (France), and is composed of a business cluster and a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO).


Photonics Bretagne was born from the PERFOS association (Plateforme d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Fibres Optiques Spéciales / Platform for the Study and Research on Specialty Optical Fibres). Founded in 2003 in Lannion (Brittany – France), the structure aims to perpetuate the special optical fiber manufacturing technologies previously developed within France Telecom and then Highwave Optical Technologies. It also aims to pool technological tools for the local ecosystem.

The association qualified as a Regional Technological Innovation Centre in 2007. In 2011 it got the label “Cluster”, following a call for projects launched by the DATAR (Interministerial Delegation for Regional Planning and Attractiveness). The association then modified its statutes and became Photonics Bretagne, a Photonics Innovation Hub that brings together a technology platform and a cluster.

In 2017, Photonics Park, a technology park unique in France, was inaugurated. At its heart is Photonics Bretagne and its 13-metre high fibre-drawing tower. Numerous investments, particularly in new state-of-the-art equipment, have enabled it to develop its skills and become a national, European and international innovation centre in photonics.

In recent years, the association has diversified its activities into biophotonics and continuing education. These complement the existing skillset in the region in order to best meet the needs for innovation in the fields of application, as well as the strong demand for recruiting new talents.


Photonics Bretagne represents photonics in Brittany (France) and gathers companies, research centres, education institutions, and support agencies. Its objective is to support innovation, to promote and develop the photonics sector in Brittany. Its missions are divided into two activities:

A cluster in charge of leading the photonics sector and supporting Breton companies in the integration and use of photonics technologies: technology intelligence, technological advice, connecting, networking, collaborative projects (regional, national or European), organization of technological or business events/meetings, continuing education, etc. The cluster takes action to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics in Brittany.

A Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) which designs and commercializes specialty optical fibres and components under its own brand PERFOS®. The RTO also possesses a strong expertise in biophotonics/agrophotonics (photonics applied to the fields of agriculture, agrifood, environment and health). This way, the platform develops new know-how, processes and photonics products in order to ensuring their commercial exploitation through technology transfers to industry.







ISO 9001 Certification

Committed to a Quality Management approach, Photonics Bretagne received its ISO 9001 Certification at the end of 2021, confirming its focus on the satisfaction of its customers and members!

This international label, issued by the independent organization AFNOR Certification, rewards the operational excellence of the entire team. This is a real guarantee of the quality for our products and services, which in particular enables us to develop new markets, including with large companies.

On a daily basis, we ensure the deployment and proper application of our quality policy within both the cluster and the technology platform. On the one hand, the standard concerns the control of finished products and the definition of our manufacturing processes in order to align with our customers’ and members’ expectations. On the other hand, it consists in defining our organisational policy and checking that what we have put in place is effective.

For example, we have standardised practices and improved traceability and knowledge sharing. All of this remains anchored in a continuous improvement system through the analysis of customer and member feedback and satisfaction level. The main point is to be able to adapt and adjust the way we operate in relation to the context. We therefore think more in terms of risk analysis, monitoring of indicators and objectives.

CRT Label

Photonics Bretagne has also been awarded the Technological Resource Centre label (in French, Centre de Ressources Technologiques). CRT is a French quality assurance label for technological organizations that support companies. The label was created in 1996 by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR). Its objective is to provide SMEs the guarantee that the organization they turn to is capable of giving them an appropriate, high-quality response regarding customised technological services. Research, development, innovation and technology transfer are therefore the watchwords of this label.

Photonics Bretagne is one of the 75 CRT-certified organizations, 6 of which are in Brittany. This way, it contributes to the competitiveness of the photonics sector, the strengthening of employment, and the attractiveness and development of our region!

In addition, Photonics Bretagne is a registered Crédit Impôt Recherche organization. Our customers therefore benefit from a partial funding of their investments in research and development through tax relief.