Develop, innovate, structure

Goals and key missions of the cluster

The cluster supports innovation, industrial and technological development of its members (companies, research centers and schools) in order to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics, in Brittany.

The cluster strategy is focused on 3 main goals :

  • DEVELOP access to target markets for Photonics SMEs.
  • INNOVATE in order to find new ways to support R&D projects of cluster members.
  • STRUCTURE Photonics field and its key players in Brittany.


  • Improve knowledge of the competitive environment of Photonics key players acteurs thanks to economic intelligence.
  • Find industrial opportunities and support business strategy of  Photonics SMEs.
  • Support innovation process of members thanks to services such as consulting and project engineering in Photonics.
  • Boost intersectoral collaboration by disseminating Photonics in other fields.


  • Improve development of specialty optical fibers  and increase the business area of the R&D platform.
  • Expand the current expertise area of the RTO PERFOS in order to be well positioned on the market of development of sensors and laser demonstrators.
  • Strengthen the R&D outsourcing with members of Photonics Bretagne.
  • Help technology transfer and R&D projects by promoting collaboration between SMEs and research centers which are cluster members.


  • Improve cluster attractiveness for its members.
  • Keep on developing the cluster thanks to the increase of members and in particular companies and research centers outside Photonics.
  • Develop Photonics Bretagne organisation in order to always better meet expectations of key players of Photonics sector.