Multicore Fibre – 7 and 12 cores
16 November 2020

Very Large Mode Area fibre – taper


30 µm core diameter

These Ytterbium-doped VLMA fibres/fibre tapers have a very large mode area that makes them particularly suited for integrating in high power amplifiers/lasers emitting at 1064nm. True singlemode behavior enabling diffraction limited beam quality output can be implemented by coiling the fibre and filter the higher-order modes. Precision preform and fibre draw manufacturing processes enable excellent fibre consistency and uniformity using total dopants vapor phase delivery process. Matching GRIN fiber is also available for monolithic integration with LMA 10-125 PM pump combiners.


40 µm core diameter

The development of the new Perfos® Polarisation Maintening (PM) Ytterbium doped Very Large Mode Area (VLMA) fibre was driven by customer’s demand for an easy to integrate double-clad fibre in the continuously growing ultrafast fibre laser market. The combination of robust single mode behavior in an all-solid glass form factor with 750 µm2 fundamental mode area makes this fibre an ideal tool for high-end industrial fibre laser manufacturers.
Photonics Bretagne proprietary manufacturing(1) process enables preferential fibre coiling and automatic amplifier output polarization orientation.
Complementary matching GRIN fibre is available for all-fibre monolithic integration with standard LMA 10-125 PM pump combiners.

(1) Patent pending.