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Members stories

Pascal Besnard

Director of FOTON

  "In 2014, Photonics Bretagne asked Foton labs to realize together a feasibility study dealing with photonics applied to vegetal health for an industrial partner working in food industry. Different techniques were explored and assessed by Foton and Photonics Bretagne. Foton then continued the study in 2015 and 2016 with the support of Photonics Bretagne. In the context of this project, Photonics Bretagne had a key role to facilitate contacts between Foton and the industrial partner. The cluster also had an important role for strategic support and technological watch."

Frédéric Bérier

CEO of Evosens

"Photonics Bretagne supported the development of exposure and business for Evosens. Several actions of the cluster had a direct and positive impact, such as putting Evosens in direct contact with some companies. These companies then gave projects to Evosens. Moreover, thanks to different events organized by the cluster (collective booths in exhibitions, networking days...) Evosens met new customers. Finally, the watch newsletters realized and disseminated monthly by Photonics Bretagne (with EEN) are particularly relevant for Evosens activities."

Jean-François Morizur

CEO of CAILabs

"Photonics Bretagne really helped CAILabs in 2015. A large company working in aviation industry looked for innovative solutions and the company presented its specific needs to Photonics Bretagne. The cluster team suggested this company to meet CAILabs. Thanks to this action of the cluster, CAILabs quickly received an order to realize a study and a proof of concept, which was the first step of a successfull collaboration."

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