Airclad PCF fibre
12 November 2020

Very Large Mode Area fibre – taper

40 µm core diameter

The development of the new Perfos® Polarisation Maintening (PM) Ytterbium doped Very Large Mode Area (VLMA) fibre was driven by customer’s demand for an easy to integrate double-clad fibre in the continuously growing ultrafast fibre laser market. The combination of robust single mode behavior in an all-solid glass form factor with 750 µm2 fundamental mode area makes this fibre an ideal tool for high-end industrial fibre laser manufacturers.
Photonics Bretagne proprietary manufacturing(1) process enables preferential fibre coiling and automatic amplifier output polarization orientation.
Complementary matching GRIN fibre is available for all-fibre monolithic integration with standard LMA 10-125 PM pump combiners.

(1) Patent pending.