Airclad PCF fibre
12 November 2020

Very Large Mode Area fibre – taper

40 µm core diameter

The development of the new Polarisation Maintaining (PM) Ytterbium doped Very Large Mode Area (VLMA) fibre was driven by demand for an easy to integrate double-clad fibre in the growing ultrafast fibre laser market. The combination of robust single mode behaviour in an all-solid glass form factor with 750 μm² fundamental mode area makes this fibre an ideal tool for high-end industrial fibre laser manufacturers.
Proprietary manufacturing(1) process enables preferential fibre coiling and automatic amplifier output polarization orientation.
Complementary matching GRIN and passive VLMA fibres are available for all-fibre monolithic integration with standard LMA 10-125 PM pump combiners. Module assembly also available on request.

(1) Photonics Bretagne patent.

Main characteristics:

  • Truly single mode polarization maintaining behavior
  • All-solid step index based fibre design based on our all-vapor phase delivery process
  • Industry standard low index polymer coating providing long term reliability & performance
  • Excellent fibre lot uniformity and consistency


High power ultrafast pulsed fibre lasers/amplifiers for material processing, life science, spectroscopy or defense applications.