Airclad PCF fibre
12 November 2020
Very Large Mode Area fibre – taper
16 November 2020

Multicore Fibres – 7 and 12 cores

Multicore fibres – 12 cores

These Ge and Er/Yb doped silica multicore fibres integrates 12 cores regularly arranged on a 135µm circle which make them particularly suited for Bragg grating inscription for sensing application (Shape, Strain, Temperature…) and for multicore fibre amplifiers and their associated passive components for telecom application in the C-band.

Main characteristics:

  • Passive/photosensitive or Erbium/Ytterbium doped
  • Index difference and dopants superior control and uniformity among all 12 cores for both passive and active fibres
  • Excellent fibre geometry (core position and spacing) enables optimal splice losses


  • Sensing
  • Telecom
  • Laser

Multicore fibres – 7 cores

These Ge-doped silica multicore fibres integrates 7 photosensitive cores (6 hexagon-arranged cores around a center core) which make them particularly suited for Bragg grating inscription and sensing application (Shape, Strain, Temperature…) in the C-band. On-demand custom fiber design possible: core numbers, core location and composition.

Main characteristics:

  • Photosensitive core designs for FBG inscription
  • Excellent fibre geometry control


  • Numerous applications in sensing such as structural health monitoring, shape sensing
  • Data centers oriented applications in active optical cables and/or silicon photonics technology