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6 February 2024
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13 February 2024

Sarthoise Silentsys conquers space!

Technology development project for space applications

SILENTSYS is a French company based in Le Mans, which develops, produces and markets innovative ultra-low-noise systems covering photonics, microwaves/THz and electronic modules. As well as offering ‘off-the-shelf’ products, we are able to co-design very high added-value projects in a wide range of sensitive fields.

Thanks to our know-how, our patented technology and our innovative designs, we can offer high-performance systems that are compact, easy to use and affordable, such as turnkey laser frequency stabilisation modules that achieve linewidths in the Hz range in a shoebox format.

Our aim is to provide systems that are highly compatible with the needs of emerging industrial and laboratory applications such as those linked to quantum technologies (communications, computing, cryptography, detection, etc.), fibre-optic-based sensors, metrology, etc.



SILENTSYS is the beneficiary of an 8-month project supported by the European Space Agency – ESA as part of the DISCOVERY programme, ESA Initial Support for Innovation (EISI), which aims to provide financial support for the development of companies in the space sector.

The aim of the “Compact Optical Frequency Discriminator with low sensitivity to environment” project is to study the miniaturisation and isolation of our laser source frequency stabilisation technologies for on-board space applications.

The project will be divided into 2 phases: an initial state-of-the-art and specifications phase, followed by a theoretical simulation phase to validate the benefits of the technology.