About Photonics Bretagne

Photonics Bretagne has a legal status of association and was born in 2011 thanks to the evolution of the Research and Development platform PERFOS that has been working on specialty optical fibers in Lannion (Brittany) since 2003.

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Photonics Bretagne is a Photonics Innovation Hub located in Lannion (Brittany, France) integrating a cluster supporting innovation in the field of Photonics and its applications and a research and technology organisation (RTO) expert in the development of specialty optical fibers and components.

The cluster supports innovation and industrial and technological development of its members (companies, research centers and schools) in order to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics, in Brittany.

The cluster gathers more than 100 members today.

PERFOS, the RTO of Photonics Bretagne develops, provides and sells custom specialty optical fibers and optical components.

The RTO also offers services such as scientific studies, technology transfer and consulting in Photonics.

Finally, Photonics Bretagne is the project leader of a Photonics Park, that is currently under construction, in Lannion.

This Photonics Park, located in a unique environment (industry, research centers, schools) dedicated to Photonics aims at facilitating technology transfer to local companies, creation of start-ups and more generally growth of the photonics business.